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Registering NHS Patients now!

We are currently registering NHS patients and don’t charge any admin or registration fees.

Contact us by phone, email or in person to arrange an appointment.

The Health board determines availability and pricing of NHS treatments, current price list can be found here.

NHS patients must have their Health and care number to register (found on your medical card, a replacement medical card can be obtained by ringing the BSO on 02890 321313 or online at

You are not officially registered with the practice until you have had an examination appointment so we would encourage you to book when filling in your registration paperwork.

Please arrive early to fill out medical history and other admin details and bring a copy of any current medication.

The examination will involve a check of your teeth, gum health, the soft tissues of your mouth, tongue and oral cancer check along with any jaw joint problems such as clicking or muscle pain.

Once a treatment plan has been discussed or agreed, treatment cost estimates will be given as needed along with an estimate of how many appointments are required to complete the treatment.

Not all treatments are available within the NHS and complex cases may require prior approval from the health board before we can start, the waiting list for this is 4-5 months.  In these cases other options will be discussed with you at the initial consultation.

The initial charge for an NHS check is approximately £15.00 with X-rays.

Consultation NHS
Examination (basic – extensive) £ 6.56 – £ 20.60
X-Rays NHS
One x-ray £3.20
Two x-rays £4.56
Hygienist NHS
Simple scale and polish £10.40
Restorative Treatment NHS
Amalgam Fillings £7.00 – £18.00
White Fillings

(Mainly front teeth only with Health Service)

 £13.28 – £27.24
White Crown on Front Tooth £68.80 – £104.04
Metal Crown on Back Tooth £69.80 – £90.64
Surgery NHS
Simple Extraction  £11.76
Simple Surgical Extraction  £18.00 – £44.60
Root Fillings NHS
Root Filling Molar £78.96
Root Filling Premolar £44.20 – £51.24
Root Filling Incisor or Canine £37.52
Denture Treatments NHS
One Partial Denture £55.80 – £87.96
Full Denture  £88.96