Crowns and Bridges

Have you a weak or broken tooth?

If you have a weak or broken tooth, a filling may not be strong enough to repair the tooth and a crown (also known as a ‘cap’) may be needed. It fits over the remaining part of the tooth, restoring the tooth to its former strength and natural shape.
We offer metal crowns on the NHS for back teeth and white metal /porcelain crowns for front teeth.

We also can offer more natural looking crowns made from a reinforced porcelain, privately. They have the advantage of still being strong but also look natural and don’t cause black lines at the gum margin as can be the case with traditional crowns.
Bridges are one way to replace missing teeth, if you don’t want a denture or implant as a tooth replacement.

They are unlikely to be available on the NHS.

They provide a fixed permanent replacement and are cemented in the mouth like a crown. This is an ideal option when adjacent teeth have large restorations.


Do you have a weak or broken tooth, where a filling may not be strong enough? Contact us today to find out more.